Clarity 'Add-on' Confocal:  [+]

Clarity attaches to the C-mount of the microscope to give a spinning disk laser free confocal.

Unity 'Bench-top' Confocal Microscope:  [+]

Unity is a complete laser free confocal spinning disk microscope system in a compact, ease to use bench-top instrument.

Contract Development for OEM:  

Aurox has >15 years experience developing confocal spinning disk microscopy devices for OEM across the life sciences, medical and materials industries for Zeiss, 3DHistech, Andor and others.

Filter Cubes:  [+]

Standard and custom filter cubes for Clarity, Andor Revolution DSD and Revolution DSD2 confocal devices.

Latest news:  [+]

Aurox release new Visionary 4.3.3 software update

Upcoming events:  [+]

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