Cytoskeleton and membrane dynamics

Dynamic processes in membranes can be followed by epifluorescence microscopy using fluorescent probes and sCMOS cameras, but undesired out of focus fluorescence reduces the signal-to-noise ratio and image resolution.

Working on sub-second time scales, confocal microscopy is ideally suited to following membrane dynamics, since spatial resolution is increased by measuring only the fluorescence of focused thin sample sections, removing out-of-focus fluorescence. In 3D membrane structures, confocal microscopy allows the acquisition of consecutive scans at varying depths. These scans are then processed to obtain a 3D view of the sample.

aurox confocal microscope Image courtesy of Andor (Oxford Instruments Plc)

The following is a suggested Clarity system configuration for this application:

The Zeiss Axio Imager provides a high performance upright, transmitted light microscope stand designed for constant operation with a high sample throughput in demanding applications including confocal and fluorescence imaging.

The motorised focus (z-axis) drive ensures precise focusing movements of 10nm step size on up to 9 kg heavy sample stages and over long periods of operation.

Key features:

  • High performance transmitted light stand
  • Motorised luminous field stop
  • Light manager
  • Contrast manager
  • Motorised stand
  • Encoding for read-out of settings
  • Motorised transmitted-light beam path
  • Motorised focus (z-axis) with 10nm step size
  • Motorised for reproducible settings and automatic procedures
  • Modular for ease of maintenance and future upgrade

aurox confocal microscope Zeiss Axio Imager - upright

The Zyla 5.5 USB3 is the latest 16 bit sCMOS based camera from Andor. It offers high speed, high sensitivity imaging from a compact device that is ideal for low light microscopy.

Key specifications:
Thermal stabilization (°C )0
Read-out noise (e- rms)1.2
Resolution (pixels)2560 x 2160 (5.5 Megapixel)
Dynamic range25000 : 1
Quantum efficiencyUp to 60%
Maximum frame rate (fps)40
Read-out modesRolling and global shutter
Lightsheet modeYes
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Dimensions (mm)133 x 82 x 80

aurox confocal microscope Andor Zyla 5.5 USB3 sCMOS

The Aurox Visionary software has been specially developed for the acquisition of live cell imaging data using the Aurox Clarity LFC unit as part of a laser free confocal microscopy system.

Designed with simplicity and ease of use at its core, the software provides a single graphical user interface, which relates device and experimental settings directly to the connected instrument hardware.

The Visionary software provides for the optimisation and control of the instrument set-up and calibration followed by the set-up and image acquisition control of the confocal microscopy experiment.

Key features of the software:

  • Instrument set-up and calibration
  • Experiment set-up and control
  • Real time confocal image quality inspection tool
  • Supports a range of digital camera manufacturer sCMOS devices, including, PCO and Andor
  • Outputs data in OME Tiff format

aurox confocal microscope Aurox Visionary

Type Plan Apochromat SF25
Numerical Aperture0.8
Working Distance (mm)0.55

aurox confocal microscope Zeiss Plan-Apochromat 20x/0.8 M27

Aurox offer service and support contracts to cover all Aurox Clarity confocal microscopy systems.

Service contracts can be purchased in 1 year or up to 5 year intervals.

Aurox service contracts include:

  • 1x Annual preventative maintenance service visit
  • Replacement parts and labour (excludes any consumables)
  • Software updates