Microscope incubators for environmental control during live cell imaging.

Aurox offer a range of incubators, including stage top and cage options. These incubators are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit a wide range of manufacturer microscope models.

aurox confocal microscope incubators

The following incubator types are available for order from Aurox, either as stand-alone units or as part of a Clarity microscopy system:

Constructed from polycarbonate panels, the OkoLab cage incubator creates a large temperature controlled volume around the microscope stage, nosepiece and objectives. The incubator is supported by posts resting on the vibration isolation table and the enclosure closely follows the profile of the microscope with all electronics located outside the enclosure. It's flat panel construction makes for easy assembly and disassembly and simplifies modifications to single panel changes, whilst maintaining focus stability.


  • Models for any inverted / upright microscope
  • Temperature range: 3°C above ambient to 45°C
  • Temperature accuracy on sample: 0.1°C
  • Front and side sliding doors allow full and easy access
  • Removable front panel with turn-to-open hinges
  • LED enclosure light with foot pedal and dimmer
  • CO2 (and / or O2) levels set with digital or manual gas controllers
  • Vibration free humidity module or active humidity controller
  • Optional: black panels for dark environment imaging
  • Optional: micro-environmental chamber for humidity and CO2 (and / or O2) control

aurox confocal microscope OkoLab Cage Incubator

The OkoLab stage top incubator chamber creates the ideal environment for live cell imaging on the microscope stage.

Incubators are available to fit any microscope XY stage or piezo insert and all connect to Okolab temperature, gas and humidity controllers.


  • Temperature range: 3°C above ambient to 60°C
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.1°C in sample feedback mode, 0.3°C in chamber feedback mode
  • Compatible with Bold Line T, UNO Combined and H401-T Controllers
  • Embedded temperature sensor in heated glass lid and chamber body
  • Interchangeable magnetic inserts for petri / slides / multi-well plates
  • Magnetic locks hold petri / slides / multi-well plates in position
  • Perfusion holes for inlet / outlet tubes
  • Sliding lid for easy sample access
  • Optional: lids for Koehler illumination, laser safety and injection during imaging

aurox confocal microscope OkoLab Microscope Stage Incubator

Ideal for live cell imaging, this incubator replaces the sample holder and seamlessly integrates into ProScan H117 stages providing a perfectly stable and optimised environment in which to maintain cells during the course of long term time-lapse experiments.

Key features

  • Includes objective heater
  • Anti-z drift system
  • pH and temperature control from ambient to 50°C
  • Rapid temperature stabilization

aurox confocal microscope Prior Scientific stage incubator for H117 stages

Environmental chambers from Solent Scientific are designed for use with Inverted or Upright Microscopes and Confocal Microscopes.

Warm, filtered air circulates within the acrylic chamber from a heater unit which is mechanically isolated from the environmental chamber. This ensures that there is no transmission of vibration from the heater fan to the microscope. Users may select temperatures within the range 32°C to 42°C.

Two doors allow specimens to be changed and the microscope settings to be adjusted. A further two doors, below the stage, allow access to the nosepiece and objectives. Focusing and stage controls remain outside the environmental chamber. An access panel is fitted to allow adjustment of the Aurox Clarity unit during installation and alignment. The 35mm camera, video camera, multi-viewing and fluorescence capabilities of the microscope are unaffected. Monochromators, filter wheels, shutters, motorised stages, micro manipulators and auto focusing accessories can also be accommodated.

The chamber can when required, be quickly removed without the use of hand tools.

aurox confocal microscope Solent Scientific Incubator