Microscope platforms compatible with the Clarity LFC.

Aurox have selected a range of top class microscopes from multiple manufacturers, all of which can be combined with a *Clarity LFC* unit to provide a Clarity confocal microscopy system for applications in imaging.

If your preferred microscope manufacturer or model is not listed, please contact us.

aurox confocal microscope image

The following microscopes are available for order from Aurox, either as stand-alone units or as part of a Clarity microscopy system:

The Olympus BX is a fully motorised upright microscope which can be used in Fluorescence, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Phase Contrast, Simple Polarised Light, Brightfield and Darkfield observation modes.

The BX range is unusually focused by driving the motorised nosepiece in the z-direction. This means that the microscope stage remains fixed and affords greater stability.

The BX stage can be driven using its ultrasonic Piezo motor technology, which provide silent, smooth and precise operation, or it can be positioned manually; allowing for fast gross sample alignment. In motorised or manual operation the BX's high accuracy encoders provide continuous read-out of the X and Y position of the stage.

Key features:

  • Fully motorised
  • Motorised focus using the nosepiece z-direction
  • Motorised objective change
  • Touch panel display / control
  • Computer controllable

aurox confocal microscope Olympus BX - upright

The Olympus IX is a fully motorised inverted microscope which can be used in Fluorescence, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Phase Contrast, Simple Polarised Light, Brightfield and Relief Contrast observation modes.

The IX is available in one-deck or two-deck configurations making it suitable for a range of imaging techniques from casual documentation to more demanding techniques such as long-term time lapse imaging

The IX's open frame provides ease of access to the light path and enables the ready addition and or exchange of a range of deck modules for extended functionality.

The IX3-ZDC2 Z drift compensator module can be easily added to the microscope to maintain continuous focus throughout extended time-lapse experiments and this together with the microscope's large field number (FN22, left side port) provide an ideal platform for live cell imaging.

Key features:

  • Fully motorised
  • Motorised focus (z-axis)
  • Touch panel display / control
  • Computer controllable

aurox confocal microscope Olympus IX - inverted

The Nikon Eclipse FN-1 is a fixed stage upright microscope which has been specially designed for electrophysiological research applications. The FN-1 allows you to go deeper into your specimen due to its water dipping objective with depth-induced aberration correction.

The FN-1 delivers longer working distances, slimmer profiles, better approach angles and aberration free images.

Key features:

  • Removable condenser, sub-stage and turret for greater access and space
  • ON/OFF mechanism (filter turret, changers for the optical path, magnification and condenser filter) noise reduction
  • 15 mm retraction for objective magnification switching

aurox confocal microscope Nikon Eclipse FN-1 - upright

The Nikon Eclipse Ti-E inverted microscope has been designed for the most advanced live cell imaging applications including TIRF, confocal imaging, FRET, photo activation and microinjection.

The high speed motorised nosepiece, fluorescence filters and microscope stage allow for high throughput screening during multi-dimensional experiments, whilst the automatic focus correction system continuously corrects for any drift during long duration time-lapse imaging.

Key features:

  • Motorised focus (z-axis)
  • 25nm minimum focal step size
  • 3-ports
  • Motorised stage with encoders
  • Motorised port switching
  • Automatic focus correction
  • External phase contrast unit
  • Software controllable

aurox confocal microscope Nikon Eclipse Ti-E - inverted

The Zeiss Axio Imager provides a high performance upright, transmitted light microscope stand designed for constant operation with a high sample throughput in demanding applications including confocal and fluorescence imaging.

The motorised focus (z-axis) drive ensures precise focusing movements of 10nm step size on up to 9 kg heavy sample stages and over long periods of operation.

Key features:

  • High performance transmitted light stand
  • Motorised luminous field stop
  • Light manager
  • Contrast manager
  • Motorised stand
  • Encoding for read-out of settings
  • Motorised transmitted-light beam path
  • Motorised focus (z-axis) with 10nm step size
  • Motorised for reproducible settings and automatic procedures
  • Modular for ease of maintenance and future upgrade

aurox confocal microscope Zeiss Axio Imager - upright

The Zeiss Axio Observer is an inverted microscope stand for transmitted-light.

Ideal for live cell and fixed specimen confocal and fluorescent imaging, the Axio Observer is a motorised and encoded stand which can be computer controlled and features a motorised focus (z-axis) driven by stepper motors of 10nm step size.

Key features:

  • Motorised stand
  • Encoded
  • TFT display
  • Interfaces: CAN, RS232, USB, TCP/IP etc
  • Light manager
  • Contrast manager
  • Circular operation key unit
  • Motorised Z-focus drive of 10nm step size
  • Motorised 3 position side port (L/R)

aurox confocal microscope Zeiss Axio Observer - inverted

The Leica DMi is an inverted, transmitted light microscope stand for Brightfield, Integrated Modulation Contrast (IMC), Phase Contrast, Darkfield, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) and Fluorescence applications.

The fully motorised Leica DMi offers high precision 3D image reconstruction of large specimens through a combination of its closed loop focus with 20nm positional accuracy and extended 12mm travel range.

A modular system for ease of upgrade and support, the DMi features an easy to use touch panel control which can be programmed with your personal preferences. The DMi makes tasks convenient and reproducible by automatically adjusting settings.

Illumination, parfocality, brightness and diaphragm position are automatically adjusted based on the selected contrast method, whilst the Adaptive Focus Control (AFC) constantly adjusts and maintains focus.

Key features:

  • Fully motorised stand
  • Adaptive Focus Control (AFC)
  • Infinity Port (additional incident illumination port)
  • Leica application Suite X software
  • Remote mobile software module
  • TFT display
  • Modular for ease of maintenance and upgrade

aurox confocal microscope Leica DMi - inverted