Digital microscope cameras.

When conducting high resolution imaging of live cell samples and dynamic processes, a high speed, high resolution and high sensistivity sCMOS digital camera is essential.

Aurox has specially selected microscope digital cameras from Hamamatsu, PCO and Andor for use with the Clarity and for imaging applications in confocal microscopy.

aurox confocal microscope hamamatsu Orca sCMOS camera image

The following digital cameras are available for order from Aurox, either as stand-alone units or as part of a Clarity microscopy system:

The Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash4.0 V3 expertly handles applications ranging from the acquisition of beautiful scientific images to experiments that demand detection, quantification, and speed.

Improved on-board FPGA processing enables intelligent data reduction and highly refined in-camera, pixel-level calibrations. In combination with increased USB 3.0 frame rates, innovative triggering capabilities, a patented light sheet read-out mode, and individual camera noise characterization, the Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash4.0 V3 is the precision instrument for imaging.

Key specifications:
Read-out noise (e- med)1 (Standard scan 100 fps typical)
0.8 (Slow scan at 30 fps typical)
Resolution (pixels)2048 x 2048
Pixel size (μm)6.5
Dynamic range37000 : 1 (typical)
Quantum efficiency82% (peak QE at 560 nm)
InterfaceCamera Link / USB 3.0
Cooling methodPeltier cooling

aurox confocal microscope Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash4.0 V3

The PCO Edge 5.5 is an extremely compact 16 bit camera which is equipped with a scientific CMOS sensor and is ideally suited for measuring images at high resolution and high frame rates.

Key specifications:
Thermal stabilization (°C )0 / +5
Read-out noise (e- med)1.0
Resolution (pixels)2560 x 2160 (5.5 Megapixel)
Dynamic range30000 : 1
Quantum efficiency>60%
Exposure time (secs)0.1 to 2
Maximum frame rate (fps)30
Read-out modesRolling or global / global reset functionality
Lightsheet modeYes
InterfaceUSB 3.0
SensorBlack and white sCMOS
Dimensions (mm)102 x 79 x 70

aurox confocal microscope PCO Edge 5.5 USB3 sCMOS

95% QE Backside Illuminated Scientific CMOS
Developed with award-winning technology, the Prime 95B Scientific CMOS camera allows you to overcome many difficult imaging challenges by converting nearly every available photon to useful signal through an incredible 95% Quantum Efficiency – by using the first available scientific CMOS sensor with backside illumination.

And now, the Prime 95B is available with advanced real-time processing features:

  • PrimeEnhance™ quantitatively increases the Signal to Noise Ratio by 3x-5x, increasing the clarity and quality of images

  • PrimeLocate™ dynamically evaluates acquired images and reduces the surplus of data generated during high speed super-resolution imaging.

aurox confocal microscope Photometrics Prime 95B

A full list of cameras and other compatible devices which are supported by the Aurox Visionary software can be found here.