Embryonic stem cell lines are now widely established in the research community using traditional in vitro culture.

The cell lines remain undifferentiated with normal nuclei during subculture, but are capable of differentiation into virtually any type of tissue.

They will first become stem cells according to the specific culture conditions before differentiation into e.g. neurons, muscle cells, vascular endothelial cells and blood cells.

aurox confocal microscope Image courtesy of Andor (Oxford Instruments Plc)

The following is a suggested Clarity system configuration for this application:

The Olympus IX is a fully motorised inverted microscope which can be used in Fluorescence, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Phase Contrast, Simple Polarised Light, Brightfield and Relief Contrast observation modes.

The IX is available in one-deck or two-deck configurations making it suitable for a range of imaging techniques from casual documentation to more demanding techniques such as long-term time lapse imaging

The IX's open frame provides ease of access to the light path and enables the ready addition and or exchange of a range of deck modules for extended functionality.

The IX3-ZDC2 Z drift compensator module can be easily added to the microscope to maintain continuous focus throughout extended time-lapse experiments and this together with the microscope's large field number (FN22, left side port) provide an ideal platform for live cell imaging.

Key features:

  • Fully motorised
  • Motorised focus (z-axis)
  • Touch panel display / control
  • Computer controllable

aurox confocal microscope Olympus IX - inverted

The Zyla 5.5 USB3 is the latest 16 bit sCMOS based camera from Andor. It offers high speed, high sensitivity imaging from a compact device that is ideal for low light microscopy.

Key specifications:
Thermal stabilization (°C )0
Read-out noise (e- rms)1.2
Resolution (pixels)2560 x 2160 (5.5 Megapixel)
Dynamic range25000 : 1
Quantum efficiencyUp to 60%
Maximum frame rate (fps)40
Read-out modesRolling and global shutter
Lightsheet modeYes
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Dimensions (mm)133 x 82 x 80

aurox confocal microscope Andor Zyla 5.5 USB3 sCMOS

The Aurox Visionary software has been specially developed for the acquisition of live cell imaging data using the Aurox Clarity LFC unit as part of a laser free confocal microscopy system.

Designed with simplicity and ease of use at its core, the software provides a single graphical user interface, which relates device and experimental settings directly to the connected instrument hardware.

The Visionary software provides for the optimisation and control of the instrument set-up and calibration followed by the set-up and image acquisition control of the confocal microscopy experiment.

Key features of the software:

  • Instrument set-up and calibration
  • Experiment set-up and control
  • Real time confocal image quality inspection tool
  • Supports a range of digital camera manufacturer sCMOS devices, including, PCO and Andor
  • Outputs data in OME Tiff format

aurox confocal microscope Aurox Visionary

TypeSuper Plan Apochromat
Numerical Aperture0.75
Working Distance (mm)0.6

aurox confocal microscope Olympus UPLSAPO 20x

The Excelitas X-Cite 120PC Q is a computer controlled fluorescence microscope light source offering rich spectral sample excitation and a uniformly illuminated field of view from a 120W lamp which has been pre-aligned for convenience and has a guaranteed 2000 hours lifetime.

The X-cite 120PC Q also features software control and a standard adjustable iris, which may help minimise photo-bleaching.

Technical Specifications:

Illumination system includesLamp module, liquid light guide, microscope adaptor, software CD, grounded and shielded power cord, 9-pin serial cable, manual and quick start guide
LampPre-aligned proprietary 120W Mercury Vapor Short Arc
Lamp Life (hrs)2000 guaranteed
Software interfaceYes
Adjustable IrisYes
Foot pedal operationYes
Warm-up period (s)90 (typical)
Dimensions (mm)139 x 165 x 342
Weight (kg)3.18
AdaptersCompatible with wide-field fluorescence microscopes from all major manufacturers

aurox confocal microscope Excelitas X-Cite 120PC Q

Constructed from polycarbonate panels, the OkoLab cage incubator creates a large temperature controlled volume around the microscope stage, nosepiece and objectives. The incubator is supported by posts resting on the vibration isolation table and the enclosure closely follows the profile of the microscope with all electronics located outside the enclosure. It's flat panel construction makes for easy assembly and disassembly and simplifies modifications to single panel changes, whilst maintaining focus stability.


  • Models for any inverted / upright microscope
  • Temperature range: 3°C above ambient to 45°C
  • Temperature accuracy on sample: 0.1°C
  • Front and side sliding doors allow full and easy access
  • Removable front panel with turn-to-open hinges
  • LED enclosure light with foot pedal and dimmer
  • CO2 (and / or O2) levels set with digital or manual gas controllers
  • Vibration free humidity module or active humidity controller
  • Optional: black panels for dark environment imaging
  • Optional: micro-environmental chamber for humidity and CO2 (and / or O2) control

aurox confocal microscope OkoLab Cage Incubator

Aurox offer service and support contracts to cover all Aurox Clarity confocal microscopy systems.

Service contracts can be purchased in 1 year or up to 5 year intervals.

Aurox service contracts include:

  • 1x Annual preventative maintenance service visit
  • Replacement parts and labour (excludes any consumables)
  • Software updates