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Organotypic brain slice culture sample, stained to detect axons and myelin


We design and manufacture innovative optical confocal imaging systems for the Life Sciences, Medical, and Materials Marketplaces.


13 hour timelapse of HEK293 cells using Unity bench top confocal

Our products

Established in 2004, Aurox are expert designers and manufacturers of fast, versatile confocal spinning disk fluorescence microscopy instruments. Aurox invented and patented the structured illumination spinning disk confocal, the enabling technology for laser free confocal microscopy.

Aurox Clarity

Introducing the Aurox Clarity, the compact, easy and affordable upgrade to laser-free confocal imaging using your existing fluorescence microscope.

Aurox Unity

Introducing the Aurox Unity, a new breed of all-in-one, compact laser-free confocal microscope system designed for ease of access and ease of use.

See you at ELMI2024

“The Aurox Unity is an affordable all-in-one live cell confocal microscope system which allows high-quality confocal imaging to be obtained quickly and easily by everyone. It takes microscopy to the biology. We shall be exhibiting at ELMI2024 and look forward to demonstrating it to you on Stand 19.”

Professor Tony Wilson, Chairman of Aurox

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