x-y stages

Motorised X-Y microscope stages.

Aurox have selected a range of motorised microscope X-Y stages from Prior Scientific to fit your selected, application, manufacturer and microscope model.

aurox confocal microscope x-y stage

The following motorised microscope X-Y stages are available for order from Aurox, either as stand-alone units or as part of a Clarity microscopy system:

The HLD117 series represent the newest flat top XY linear motor stages from Prior Scientific.

Designed for use with inverted research microscopes, the HLD117 seamlessly integrates with micromanipulators and incubation chambers, whilst leaving the top surface of the stage free of obstruction for ease of access to the sample area.

The HLD117 series is suitable for start/stop point to point imaging or for continuous motion and velocity controlled scanning applications.

Key features:

  • Repeatability, 0.15 μm
  • Scan speeds of 1 μm/sec - 300 mm/sec
  • Smooth movement and acceleration
  • Low profile flat top design
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Optional: Sample holder adapter plate
  • Compatible with NanoScan Piezo Z stages and PLW20 Well Plate Loader

aurox confocal microscope Prior Scientific HLD117 series XY linear motor stages

The Prior Scientific H117 motorised XY stage series is suitable for use with most new inverted microscopes and has a completely flat top for easy access.

The H117 series includes Intelligent Scanning Technology (ITS), which allows the stage to be programmed for optimum set-up and performance. ITS also allows the ProScan™ III controller to adjust for and maintain superior orthogonality and metric accuracy.

Key features:

  • Repeatability, 1um or better
  • Flat top for easy access
  • Quiet and reliable
  • Compatible with most incubators
  • Wide range of sample holders

aurox confocal microscope Prior Scientific H117 series XY motor stages